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Our 20 acre south-facing vineyard is located northeast of Cloverdale in the Alexander Valley Appellation from 2,300' to 2,500' in elevation. It is owned by Corinne and Charles Reichel and is part of a 400 acre ranch that was originally purchased in 1948 by Corinne's grandfather.

Fertilizers and chemicals are used only when necessary in measured amounts. There are ample wild animal corridors and easy access to water outside the perimeter of the vineyard.

Being high in the mountains, the grapevines are not exposed to the springtime frost temperatures that sink to the valley below. The summer daily temperature range does not see the extremes that occur on the valley floor. The nights are not as cool, as the warmth of the valley rises after sunset. Similarly, during the morning hours, the coolness from the valley rises up the mountain to mix with the daytime warmth from the sun. These effects are ever so slight, allowing the fruit to mature more evenly as it is not exposed to the daytime heat spikes or nighttime lows.

If you would like to learn more about our vineyard, please click here to be directed to our Reichel Vineyard site.